Sunday 28 February 2010

Marie's Sunday Six Smilemakers

Do not let the unknown future
fill you with dismay.
It is in the hands of God,
so go upon your way.
Trust in Him and have no fear.
You do not walk alone.
He leads the faithful
in the dark,
and careth for His own.
~Patience Strong

I found this little verse in one of my books and it was so fitting that I wanted to share it with you. Godd is indeed faithful and caring and while this past week has been a weekus horribilus (Not to quote the Queen or anything) it has also been a week filled with many blessings and things that brought a smile to my face and a song to my heart.

After posting my Digital Stamps on my Blossomtimes page, I have sold no less than 8 of them already. I have 3 more ready to go and will be posting them later on today. Eventually I will have converted all my images to this medium and have created some brand new ones as well. This has been so very encouraging to me. I love the thought that something I have worked so painstakingly on and created with my very own mind and hands can now be something that will give other's something to be able to create their own possibilities with. That brings me real joy!

I often go to Mormon Messages to see the films that are posted there. They are always uplifting and inspirational. I was in extra need of that this week and on one particular morning I clicked on this one that I have posted above. (I hope you will click on it as well so that you can see it too.) Entitled the Infinite Power of Hope, I found it touched my very core and gave me some much needed strength and inspiration. It made me cry, and then it made me smile. There is always hope, even in the darkest of hours. I am so grateful for a heart that believes, and a heart that hopes.

The love, prayers and emotional support I have received from all of my friends, both invisible and real, over this past few days. It is tangible and it is real and I have felt it so very keenly. It has helped to get me through those few days when I was feeling lost and it has upheld me, and strengthened me. I am so very grateful for all of it. That is what friends are for isn't it . . . it is just not for the good times, although very nice as it is then too, but it is for the bad times also . . . that is when we need our friends most of all, and I want you all to know I thank you for every scrap of it that has come and continues to come my way. I feel your love and it brings me joy.

We have decided that we are not going to pursue this same type of employment, where the job and our home are connected, again. This situation that we have found ourselves in is so very hard and difficult. We are not getting any younger and if we did take another job like this, we quite possibly would find ourselves in this same position again in another few years time and be that much older and that much more devastated and find it that much harder to begin all over again. We have really prayed about this and feel the Lord's direction. We are going to move back to Chester where we lived before we came down here. Within hours of having made that decision we had a phone call from a good friend there who has a positive line on a house for us to rent. We do not have jobs as of yet, and probably won't do, until after we have moved up there, a transition that may take several months, but we feel a peace in our hearts about this decision. It will be hard to leave our friends and church family down here, but we are going back to another church family and our old friends and we feel it is the right thing to do. We will be ok. The assurance of prayer makes me smile.

Remember the Canadian Geese Goslings that I showed you last spring that had been born at our local duck pond??? Well, they are back and they are adults now. I was so excited to see them all earlier this week! My, how they have grown. You might be saying . . . how could I possibly know it is the same ones??? Well, I don't know for sure . . . but I like to think that it is them . . . and that makes me smile!

Having this special man in my life makes me smile. Oh sure . . . there are times I find him a bit annoying, I am only human after all, as is he, but I do love him so very much and he is my everything. As long as we have each other and we have our faith, then we have all that really matters in this life. I am so very grateful for that, and for him. We are blessed beyond measure and that makes me smile. Life is filled with goodness, even when it's hard to see it through the tears.

And there you have it, my Sunday Six Smilemakers for this week. I hope that you have each found something to smile about as well!

This is my recipe for Tartar Sauce that we often have when I cook fish. It's so much better than anything you could ever buy in the shops and is very easy to make. I hope you will give it a try!

*Marie's Tartar Sauce*
Makes about 1 cup
Printable Recipe

This is an excellent sauce to be served with fish of all types. It will keep for about a week in the refrigerator. You can increase the amount of horseradish uses if you want to make it a bit snappier. I don't know why anyone would ever buy this in a jar when making it is so easy and so much tastier!

1 stalk of celery, finely chopped
2 TBS finely chopped cornichons (or sour pickles)
1 TBS prepared horseradish
2 TBS finely chopped flat leaf parsley
1/2 tsp dry mustard powder
6 TBS good quality mayonnaise (I use Hellman's or homemade)
1 tsp fresh lemon juice
salt and freshly ground black pepper

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl, mixing them together well. Cover and chill for about an hour before serving with the fish of your choice. Delicious!

I made Todd a real treat yesterday. A delicious lemon flavoured steamed pudding called, "Sussex Pond Pudding." Hop on over to the English Kitchen to take a gander. It was fabulous!

I wish you all a very blessed Sunday!


  1. Life never hold still very long does moves and we move with it...God bless you and direct you in all you do! Have a good Sunday :D

  2. Hi Marie, I found your blog by way of Guido, and what a lovely surprise it was! I am so sorry for your troubles, and hope that life will lead you to somewhere you both will be happy.
    All The Best~

  3. Hello, dear Marie! What lovely things to be thankful for--life is good!

    I love Chester! I only spent one day there--years ago--but I fell in love with it--the architecture, the history--and so close to Wales if I remember right! Can't wait to see pictures of your new home.

    Isn't it wonderful that when we make a decision about what to do, the Spirit verifies it, and we feel able--and happy--to move on.

    Roger (my husband) and I spent the day at the temple today, and I put your names on the prayer roll...just wanted you to know that. All will be well. Much love to you, my friend. Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. This is wonderful news today Marie.I am so happy for you and Todd.Chester I loved when I toured there last year.So much history wondeful shops etc,and so near the border with Wales,another lovely place.I feel so excited for you.Congratulations on the orders for your digital art well done.God speed you in your new ventures.Prayers always.Take Care God bless Kath xx

  5. I was so happy to read that you are returning to friends Marie. There was me telling you yesterday how great Chester was and you had lived there before! It IS a beautiful place and of course it is the gateway to Wales and the Lakes. I feel wheels are turning in the right direction for you both. God certainly works in mysterious way.
    Congratulations on selling your digital images. I must take a wee look across there. By the way...I couldn't get the Mormon video to work on your page.
    A peaceful Sunday is wished for you and Todd.
    Much love

  6. It is good news that you've made headway on your decisions and I think you've done well on deciding to keep your home and work separate. What a blessing it will be knowing that you have friends there and not having to totally start all over. There is always something to SMILE about if we take the time to look and you've done that for sure. I'll keep praying that all will go well for you both.

  7. No matter what life brings, we can always count on Heavenly Father to be ten steps ahead of us preparing for the next phase. I know that you and Todd will be blessed with all the things that you need.
    Did you know I wrote about you on my blog? :)

  8. So glad to know that you are returning to Chester, Marie. Here in Snowdonia we are only a couple of hours away from that beautiful city, and it's a great treat to spend the day there.
    You're very wise to keep jobs and house separate. That way lies security.
    Will follow your progress with good wishes. Hope Jess likes her new home.

  9. Hi Marie,

    I've been following your news.. guessing abit here and there and not quite sure.. but kinda certain that you are "leaving". Am sorry to hear about it but I'm happy to see that you are keeping yourself positive to this change. It's better now than later.. and I always believe in "blessings in disguise".. and you are going in the right direction putting your trust in the Lord for His providence. Way to go Marie!

    Angela KL

  10. Dearest Marie, know you and Todd are in my prayers. This upsetting time surely has brought many waves of feelings and what ifs for both of you. Your strong faith and the support of not only your Morman Church friends, but all your friends including those who read your blogs will daily lift you up. With such a large network, perhaps a job lead or offer will soon come to you. Going back to Chester is God's leading surely!

    Sending hugs, love, blessings, and prayers to you both!


  11. marie...your post resonates in so many ways. know that you are not alone...and i am glad you can feel the power of prayer and kindness throughout blogland. there are so many voices and hearts lifting you up in your time of need.

    and i have to say i am so glad you have your love to share the highs and lows of life!

    may the day be bright and beautiful for you both!

  12. I love Chester! Probably my favourite city in England (and there are so many wonderful places). So sorry to hear about having to leave your little cottage but I wish you all the best on your new journey.

  13. best wishes on your upcoming move! you are in my prayers daily marie. thanks for sharing your smiles even though you've had so many frowns this week:( i'm so sorry for the turn life has taken. i know it will all be okay. you have such a strong testimony of the gospel, isn't it wonderful to have? i can't imagine getting through lifes rough patches without it.

  14. Thankyou for your smiles. How wonderful that you see your blessings and see your smiles in spite of the uncertainty. You are an example to me and all who know you. I have been sad all week with my concernes for you and Lynell. I am so far away from both of you. How I wish I could be with both of you. I guess that it is good I'm not at Oak Cottage because I am afraid that I would not be able to keep myself from giving the Master of the House a piece of my mind. I just can't believe how they have treated you and Todd after all your years of faithful service. It blows my mind!!!!
    Oh well....the best is yet to come. I just know it. God will take care of you. Thanks again for your smiles. Thanks too for this recipe. We eat lots of fish and will love this tarter sauce.
    Many hugs to you dear. Keep finding those smiles. Love,Lura

  15. Hi Marie:
    Oh its devastating to know of your situation, and yet it's a welcome opportunity to be in loving service to you. I hope that didn't sound selfish because that's is not how I meant it to be.
    We share a friendship with a lovely, faithful, adorable friend, Lura.
    I know you might hesitate to tell us what we can do for you, but I'm trusting that Lura will know. Please have the courage to call upon all of us to love you, though we've never met in person, I feel like I know you heart, and it's a beautiful heart.
    I shall add you to my 'special' prayer list for those in 'special' circumstances that need prayer.
    Love to you and Todd


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