Monday 9 November 2009

The Simple Woman's Day Book . . .

FOR TODAY, November 9th, 2009 ...

Outside My Window...

It is dark and very, very still. We had a very cold night last night. We've been so spoiled these past few weeks with such mild temperatures that it is hard to believe we are almost in the middle of November . . . so cold temps are to be expected!! I had to dig out my winter coat yesterday for the first time!!!

I am thinking...
About all the soldiers that have been killed in this past week over in Afghanistan . . . it's not very encouraging. One wonders why they are still there . . . especially when we now have Afghan Policemen shooting them. I have always kept our troops in our prayers, but now with a son in the military and the son of one of my visiting teacher's leaving for Afghanistan in March, my prayers have taken on a special urgency. And yet when I say that I feel ashamed, for my prayers should indeed have had this same urgency all along . . .

I am thankful for...
A Heavenly Father that knows and loves each one of us individually, and the knowledge I have of that. I haven't always known this fact to be true. I have always known there was a God, but I never knew He really cared about ME as an individual for many years. This sweet knowledge has made a big difference in my life . . . I wish it were so for each one of God's children . . .

From the kitchen...
There's not been a lot going on this weekend! I made those Date Slices but that's all! I must be slipping!!!

I am wearing...
Pink pajamas, scattered with little lambs, my bathrobe and my slippers. It is quite cold in here this morning so I wanted to be warm . . . hence the robe! Every year I am surprised at how cold it does get in here. We only have the heat on (even in the winter) first thing in the morning and then for a few hours in the evening. The rest of the time we keep it off, so it can get quite chilly in here! How different that is from Canada, where in the winter we keep the heat on all the time in the winter months . . . mind you , with temperatures that dip into the double digits below zero over there, we have to!

I am creating...

I am slowly working on my art course when and if I can, and I am also working on a design for a special doll for a friend's grand daughter for Christmas. I just love the creative process, and all the planning that goes along with it. I get so much joy from that. I had an order for my handmade cards to finish up at the weekend, and another of my printed cards to pop into the post today. It is good to be creatively busy . . . that is where I find a lot of my joy . . . in being creative. I thank God every day for my talents and for the opportunities He gives me to use them.

I am going...
I have a very busy week ahead. There is work, of course, and this includes a packing night this week, and then our Anniversary, which we are celebrating on the Saturday instead of on the day. I have an appointment with my hypnotherapist tomorrow afternoon. We have guests arriving for the weekend on Thursday at some point, so we have to sort out their room before then, and then I have my Seminary Lesson to teach on Thursday evening, plus an oven to clean at work on Friday . . . whew!! I got tired just thinking about it all!!

I am reading...

Am still on Forever Amber. I am really enjoying it the second time around and from an Adult perspective, even though I was a young adult when I read it the first time . . . I am an older and more seasoned adult now! It is quite tame by today's standards for an historical romance novel, but I like it that way. I do remember thinking when I first read it though, all those many years ago, that it was quite racy! (mind you I had come from the school of tame Harlequin Romance novels which I loved!)

I am hoping...
That my Bruce is doing ok in his bootcamp. He struggled the last time and did not last very many days before he wanted to leave and go home. I was really worried for him at the time. I know that was a very difficult decision for him to have made. He is a whole year and a half older this time around and that much more mature so I am thinking that it will go much better for him this time around. I don't think he was as well prepared that first time, and I am really proud of him for having the courage to do it all again. He is the child I worry about the most . . . he was 11 when his father and I separated and divorced, and it was the hardest on him . . . especially with all the lies that were told to him by certain people. (no names mentioned) I know he has really struggled with this through the ensuing years. Your prayers for him would certainly be appreciated by this mom who loves him so very much. I still have no address to contact him on, and am trying hard to respect his wishes that I don't. It is really difficult though.

I am hearing...
I am hearing nothing but the ticking of the clock, the humming of the refrigerator, the clicking of my keys and Jess's gentle snores from over in the corner. It is so very quiet in here. There is peace in the silence, that is at once comforting and calming at the same time.

Around the house...
I have a lot to do before Thursday, and not a lot of time to do it in! This is where my folly of being a procrastinator when it comes to household chores rears it's ugly head to bite me in the arse!!!

One of my favorite things...
is the time I spend on here each morning, gathering my thoughts and putting them into writing. It is such an important part of my life, that I cannot imagine ever not doing it. I just love each and every moment of it. Blogging has added such a beautiful dimension to my life, and enriched it in so very many ways. I now have friends all over the world and that is just so amazing and wonderful to me.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
Work, scripture study, my art course and hopefully a bit of play! Sounds like a good mix to me!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Mr Squirrel at the nutfeeder, getting ready for another season of trying to outwit us. There had been no squirrels at the feeder for so long I had been falsely lulled into thinking that he had abandoned us . . . but back he is after having taken a short sabatical!!! I don't really mind all that much . . . I suppose . . . I get almost as much joy at watching him try to outwit us as I do watching the birds. He's really very clever and Jess does love chasing him out of the yard!!! All we have to say is the world "Squirrel" and she is scratching at the door frantically to get out and give chase!! Of course he's always long gone by the time she gets there, I think he goes on the run as soon as he hears the click of the key in the lock!

And there you have it, my Simple Woman's Day Book for today. Don't forget to hop on over to the Simple Woman to check out the other day book entries! (Or better yet, do a simple day book entry yourself! It's not that hard and I am betting you would enjoy it!)

*Pork Chops Romano*
Serves 4
Printable Recipe

Crunchy, spicy and delicious, these are real family peasing pork chops. Really quick to make as well! You can easily cut the recipe in half if there are only two of you (as I did) or you can double it to make more!

4 boneless pork loin chops or steaks
1 cup grated parmesan Reggiano Cheese
1/2 cup fine dried bread crumbs
2 tsp Cajun seasoning
1 tsp finely grated fresh lemon zest
1/4 cup flour
2 eggs, beaten
2 TBS vegetable oil for frying
Lemon Wedges for serving

Take your pork chops and trim all the fat away from the edges. One at a time, place them into a large plastic baggie and pound them with a mallet or the edge of your rolling pin until they are about 1/4 inch thick, being very careful not to tear the meat.

Take three shallow bowls. In one put the flour, in the next beat together the eggs, then in the third, mix together the cheese, bread crumbs, Cajun seasoning and the lemon zest.

Coat each pork chop in the flour, patting it in and shaking off any excess. Then dip it into the beaten eggs, again letting the excess drip off. Finally dip it into the crumb mixture, coating each side well and pressing the crumbs in to help them to adhere better. Set aside on a plate until you have coated them all.

Place the oil in a large skillet and heat over medium heat until it shimmers. Fry the chops in two batches, turning once, until golden brown on both sides, some 3 minutes perside. Keep them warm in the oven until you have browned them all. Serve hot with lemon wedges on the side for squeezing over top.

On the menu at The English Kitchen today, a deliciously rich tomato lasagne.


  1. Good Morning Marie. I wish you a wonderful day and pray that your Bruce is kept safe in God's care. Enjoy the week ahead. It sounds busy.

  2. Hi, Marie--happy new week to you! :o) You have a lot on this week--LOL! Hope you have fun with your art course... and very exciting about a new bear you'll be making. Do hope your Bruce will be ok... And what's happening in Afghanistan and other places is a continual worry...Prayer is all we can do, us afar...What plans for you & Todd's anniversary?! I'm sure good food will be featuring there. Lovely recipe here today. I was on MSN briefly last night, but fear I missed you again for a chat. I will send you an email today. Miss you, my friend. LOVE YOU HEAPS ((BIG HUGS))

  3. You are indeed going to be one busy lady this week. Oh my even an oven to clean...I need to do that too. What a messy job it is. As one of my son's is in the military I do know what a concern it is. He's been in for quite awhile now as it is his career. Still I pray daily for all our Troops.
    Hope your Monday is a great one!

  4. Dear Marie,
    What a lovely blog you have.
    How I wish we had Squirrels here in Aus.
    What a busy week for you and IW love the lasagna recepi

  5. Good morning, Marie! I love reading these Simple Woman's posts of yours...I should look into it...I've not been a good journaller for a long time! (I'm feeling guilty about that!) My prayers are with your son, and your VT'er. It's so comforting, as you said, that the Lord know us each individually, loves us, and watches over us and those we love. I'm so grateful, as well, for that knowledge. Have a wonderful day, dear friend--stay warm!

  6. I really miss having squirrels in my yard. There just aren't any here in my subdivision.

  7. Ok..we have so much in anniversary is this week too, the 12th and we will celebrate it this weekend too! Cute about the squirrel and the dog! Thanks for the peek into your day, have a good one! I'm having a give a way..come see! :D

  8. Hi Marie,
    Where do you find the time to write a blog? Great reading as usual.

  9. Your son is in my prayers and I hope that he does not have to leave Canada at all.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. I am winding down my Monday. Of course I have Austin every monday. He is a joy but I am always tired by the time we finish family night and I get him out of the bath, teeth brushed, stories read, prayers said and lights out. He is talented at prolonging the bed time rituals. I enjoy it all of course,but I could hardly wait tonight to check in with you. I am in my pink nighty watching Dancing with the Stars...but I had to drop by Oak Cottage before I go to bed and get a peek at your Day book. I also peeked in on you and see that you are deep in dream land. I hope you are having sweet dreams of all the blog friends that love you....expecially me.

    I will keep Bruce in my prayers. Good luck with all that you have to do this week. I think your little squirrel bandit is really cute even if he is a nuisance.

    When you find this comment early in Tues. morning know that I have been thinking of you with love.
    Have a good day. Lura

  11. Hello Marie!
    Your art course sounds wonderful. I was taking a painting class until my schedule got too busy, but I miss it.

    Have a wonderful anniversary. I will keep your son in my prayers.


  12. Hello Marie.
    Just wanted to thank you for writing your blog. I enjoy reading your positive comments. When you mentioned 'Forever Amber' it made me think back to when I first read this book. I was pregnant with my first child (34 years ago) and I loved the name Amber so much I decided that if I had a girl I would give her this name. I had a beautiful boy but I never forgot the name of Amber and when 19 months later I had a girl I named her Amber. It was only years later when I read the book again that I realised I had subconsciously named my son Bruce, obviously after the other character in the book.


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