Tuesday 1 December 2009

The Legend of the Evergreen

One winter, when the birds were all heading for south and warmer areas, one little bird broke it's wing on the way and was left behind. Soon, frost and snow covered the forest, and she was cold and hungry. So, she askd the trees to help her and let her stay in their branches. Nowever, the trees were not always kind.

The birch tree was proud of being beautiful and haughtily replied to the bird's pleas by saying that he could not possibly help him because he had to look after the birds of the forest first. The strong oak tree was reluctant because it was afraid that the bird would have to live there until springtime and would eat up some of it's acrons. Even the willow tree that seemed to be so gentle otherwise, refused to help or even to talk to the strange little bird.

The poor bird was in much distress and tried hard to fly some more . . . but her wing was still not fit for the purpose. Seeing her struggling, the spruce tree asked her, why she seemed to be so downcast. When the bird revealed her misery, the spruce tree offered her the thickest, softest and warmest branch to stay upon. The bird was really happy to find some help.

Inspired by the kindess of the spruce tree, the strong pine tree also volunteered to protect the spruce tree and the bird from the North Wind, all through the winter. The little juniper tree also piped in to offer it's berried to the little bird to help to quench her hunger. And so, the bird lived comfortably there all winter, and flew away again at springtime, when her wing had completely healed.

The Frost King, who kept close note of the behaviour of all the trees, strictly instruced the North Wind not to touch even a single leaf of the kind spruce, pine and juniper trees, although he would be free to play havoc with all the leaves of the other trees. The North Wind especially enjoyed in plucking the shining green leaves of the willow, oak and birch trees and leaving them bare for the winter, with nothing to protect them from the snow, rain and sleet. It is because of their special kindnesses to this little bird that the leaves of the spruce, the pine and the juniper are always green and they are known as evergreen trees.

The end.

My goodness, but it has turned very cold here. I suppose that is not a surprise, as it is December after all! One expects it to be cold in December. Only 25 days until Christmas! I still have a few packages to post and my cards to write up! I better get cracking!!!

I hope that you enjoyed this little legend of the Evergreen that I have shared with you this morning. It just goes to show that kindnesses are always rewarded, no matter how big or small they are . . . sometimes the reward is just knowing that you have done something kind for another and the warm feeling that you get inside when you do so . . .

Here's a tasty little recipe that you can whip up quite easily. I bet you even have most of the ingredients your refrigerator right now! I chose to put mine in a croissant, and melt some cheese on top, but buttered toasted bread is equally as delicious!

*Western Sandwiches*
Serves 4
Printable Recipe

Tasty and very easy to make, these delicious sandwiches are great for breakfast, lunch or even a light supper! They're also very quick to put together, which is a real bonus during these busy days ahead!

1/4 pound cooked ham, or 4 slices of bacon, diced or cubed
1 green or yellow pepper, chopped (Or a combination of the two)
2 medium onion, peeled and chopped
4 large free range eggs
salt and black pepper to taste
8 sliced of buttered toast
4 slices of your favourite cheese (optional)

Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Add a knob of butter. ONce it is foaming add the peppers and onions. Cook, stirring occasionally, until all the vegetables are tender. Add the ham and heat through. If you are using bacon, add it at the same time as the vegetables and cook it thoroughly.

Beat the eggs in a small bowl with some salt and pepper. Spread out the ham and vegetables evenly in the skillet. Pour the beaten egg mixture over top and cook until the eggs are set.

Make your toast and butter it. Divide the egg mixture evenly between the toasts, making 4 sandwiches. Serve hot, with or without cheese!

Over at The English Kitchen today there's a delicious Jerusalem Artichoke and Parsnip Gratin!


  1. Marie I had never heard that rumour and it is lovely. Enjoy your day.

  2. What a sweet story... I didn't know of this before either! You always find the loveliest things to share, Marie. Thank you! Love these pretty old-time Christmas images too. Turning the calendar today, I'm having the same feeling--I better get busy! LOL! And we leave for our Christmas trip in just 18 days! Hoping to get to chat with you tonight, my friend... Have a wonderful day! LOVE YOU HEAPS :o) ((BIG HUGS))

  3. The story of the evergreen is a lovely one. That western sandwich sounds like something I really need to make and it's something that wouldn't be too much to have around as I could warm that up for a sandwich the next day or two also. Is that a croisant that you are showing with your sandwich today? I love them too!

    Have a great Tuesday!

  4. Beautiful story, Marie. I love it and think it teaches a beautiful lesson. I may never seen another evergreen without thinking of it. Thank you!

  5. the American Girl1 December 2009 at 14:56

    This was really nice! I started my holiday planning last night. I want to bake for my church and some close friends...I pray everything goes well!! I am so excited about the holidays this year!

  6. thanks for sharing that story!

    and its gotten cold here too-i was fuh-reeeeezing taking the kids to school this morning!

  7. I do love the evergreen story. I will have to share it with my friends. You are such a dear. I can't wait to talk to you in a little while. John is off to a Dr. appointment this morning so I have to take Austin to preschool at 10:30 so I will try to reach you a little earlier today. Until then.... I am sending hugs. Lura

  8. I love that story! Did you draw the little birds? The recipes look so good too! Come say hi :D

  9. Hi Marie
    What a cute little story! I am so far behind in reading your posts. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I'll be back tomorrow to catch up on all that I missed.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  10. A lovely story Marie, I think you may have told us it on your old AOL blog, it's good to read it again though! ~~~~Love, Pat x


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