Saturday 26 April 2008

I have a family

"Husband and wife have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other and for their children. ‘Children are an heritage of the Lord’ (Psalms 127:3). Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, to teach them to love and serve one another, to observe the commandments of God and to be law-abiding citizens wherever they live. Husbands and wives—mothers and fathers—will be held accountable before God for the discharge of these obligations.” ~The Family, a proclamation to the world.

I have a few families . . . each one is important, each one is meaningful, each one is much loved and cared about . . .

My first family is composed of all the people that are related to me by blood and by choice . . . and unfortunately most of these much beloved ones live quite far away from me at the moment. These are my husband, my parents, my siblings, members of my extended family, my children, their spouses and my two grandsons. A family is such a special institution and, I believe, a gift from God. It's like we are all the part of one orchestra, and we are all playing the same symphony . . . each one of us a different instrument, but in total harmony with one another . . . each playing a song of the heart that is singular and understood only to that family. No matter how much distance may separate them from one another . . . the song remains and draws them together in a unity of feeling and love for one another . . . or at least that's the way it should be . . . that's the way it was planned to be.

My second family is like unto the first, but the family that is with me all the time . . . Todd and my Jess. We are a family. Todd and I met rather late in life, too late to have children together, but we have Jess. She is a dog, but she is much more than that to us. We love her the same as we would had we been able to have a child and she is important to us as any child would be. The three of us, we make beautiful music together. We understand each other. We love and care about each other. We belong together . . .

Then there is my church family. These are the people that I feel a special kinship with, a supernatural bond. We meet together at least once every week, sometimes more often than that, and there is always this special feeling present. It's hard to describe, but . . . we love each other and we feel the same way about most things, we, too . . . understand each other, or at least we try to! It's so nice, in a world where good people feel increasingly like aliens, to have a place where we can go and feel like we fit, like we belong, like we are not alone . . .

I have a family at work. United in purpose, we all strive to do our best to please our employers, both singularly and co-hesively as a group. We help one another, because we know that, if one of us falls, it will drag the rest of us down and so we need to support one another in all things. We care about each other and about our employers, and while we seldom, if ever, get together apart from in those working hours, when we are together there is a friendly harmony that helps to cement us and to keep us strong and unified. It is a real blessing. I have worked in other places where these feelings were not present, where there was no real caring or compassion from my fellow employees, or even my employer, so this special relationship that I have with my co-workers . . . this is a special treasure . . .

Friends are family too. I like to think that friends are family you get to choose for yourself. This is another special bond and I am happy to say I have special friends all over the earth. We love and care for each other as well. Like minded, and yet different in many ways, there is a special kinship that draws us together and speaks to our individual hearts. Each one is important to me in their own unique and individual ways and I feel as if we have known and loved each other forever. It's a truly special way to feel, and my life has been truly enriched and blessed by these very wonderful friendships.

You, my readers, are another special family to me. I come on here each morning and I pen my thoughts, and you come on each day to read them. There is a wonderful bond that is forged between me, the writer, and you, my readers . . . another relationship of caring and special feelings. You are all very important to me, and I hope that I am important to you, and I can tell from each comment that is left, or, even the words that are left unspoken . . . that I am . . . another blessing in my life.

And those are my thoughts on this Saturday morning . . . I hope you didn't mind me sharing them.

Boudreau is home and while he is in a bit of pain (who wouldn't be!!!) he is resting comfortably and is happy to be back with the people who really care about him, his family. Many thanks to all of you for your special thoughts and prayers. We should find out next week if the growth was malignant or not. We're all praying that it wasn't

I think one of the things about any family is the feeling of comfort that goes along with the relationships. I like things that are comforting and cosy, a home, a special chair, my own pillow on my bed and this delicious version of macaroni and cheese . . . convenient, easy and much tastier than anything you could ever get in a box . . .

*Stove Top Macaroni and Cheese*
Serves 4

I got this recipe from my sister a long time ago, and yes, it too comes from my big blue binder. I'm not sure where she got it from, but I am sure it's delicious! Whenever I make it, I picture her in my mind . . . standing at her stove and stirring it up the very first time she showed me how to make it. I guess that's what makes the recipes in my blue binder all the more special . . . each one has a particular memory attached, a person, a feeling . . .

8 ounces of uncooked macaroni
4 tablespoons butter
2 eggs, beaten
6 ounces evaporated milk (not sweetened condensed)
If you want to make it lower in fat, use the low fat version
1/2 teaspoon Tabasco sauce
1 teaspoon sea salt, rubbed between your fingers
freshly ground black pepper
3/4 teaspoon mustard powder
10 ounces cheddar cheese, shredded (I use a combination of mature cheddar and leicester cheese)

Bring a large pot of salted water to the boil. Cook your macaroni in this until just al dente, according to the package directions. Drain well, then return to the pot. Add the butter and toss the macaroni well in it to coat. In a large beaker, whisk together the eggs, milk, hot sauce, salt, pepper, and mustard. Stir into the hot pasta, and add the cheese. Turn the heat to low, and continue to stir and cook until cheese is melted and mixture is creamy. Serve.

PS. The Tres Leche Cake lost out by a narrow margin to my Peanut Butter Picnic Cake on my Make Me Bake Poll this week. Look for a new poll shortly!


  1. I loved this post and wish I would have written it. But, I am so glad and so touched that you did!!! You are so tender hearted. I love you coming by and visiting my home every day. And, thank you for having me and so many others into yours like we are family. We truly are family though.. God made us all His children.. we are Sisters in Christ Marie. Isn't that neat !!! Blessings to you and Todd and your sweet Jess. I loved the pic of you and Todd re-done in the Gothic picture. funny !! Love to ya,


  2. Marie, I admire your great sense and need for family...I'm the same and we need more of it in the world.

    The stove-top mac & cheese looks wonderful and I'll try it out...too easy to let go by.

  3. Love the pics!! And the recipe looks yummy! Will try it soon! Thanks Marie

  4. Marie, this is so eloquently expressed and every word is true to the core! I took a peak at your Great British Fry Up and just adored it! I love those little sausages too! You just make me smile. I just can't help myself!

  5. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee macaroni and cheese. I'll have to try this.

    I'm so glad Boudreau is feeling better! Hooray! And I love your thoughts on family.

    I knew my peanut butter pie cake would win! (cackle) Can't wait. If you see a river of drool streaming toward you, that's just me sloberring in anticipation.

  6. I have similar feelings about family, and I don't think I could have ever said it more eloquently than you have. It's difficult being separated from so many you love and cherish-I'm separated from the bulk of my family by "the pond" (mine are mostly in Poland, with some cousins now in Ireland) and then the rest (mostly my "created" family) are in New England whilst we are all the way in the Southern US. I look forward to when we move closer to my sister and her family and see my son playing and growing with his cousins.

    Now, as for "Marie's Gothic"...that is hysterical! You are too funny!

  7. This cozy, homey post really tugs at my heartstrings! You say it so well, Marie...and I feel much the same way! Loved seeing all your family photos too! (And the "Todd & Marie's American Gothic" is fantastic! LOL!) Your mac & cheese looks soooo good. We could use some comfort food after this week. Hope we get to chat this weekend, my friend. Happy weekend to you & dear Todd ((BIG HUGS))

  8. I, too, read your blog daily and it always brings me a welcome peace. You are so right about your church family. We see our church family on Sundays and Wednesdays and sometimes at get togethers, and there is a familiar loving bond there.

    Have a great weekend. Jancd

  9. Beautifully said, and you're very lucky :-)

    The stove top Mac & Cheese photos look scrumptous, I've copied down the recipe!

  10. Hello dear Marie,

    I do love to stop by the blog and read about your day and see the beautiful photos of the property (and food). I've been bogged down by the children and the house lately (and spring is finally here!) We are still eating your scrumptious deep dish salmon pie on an every-other-week basis (honestly, I'd eat it every day.)

  11. what a heart warming post :)

  12. Catching up again Marie and what a lovely posting I missed.The pictures are delightful and your family are wonderful.You write such lovely words OH! to be able to write like you.I am sure everyone would.Thankyou for sharing your thoughts.I enjoyed reading them.Take Care God Bless.

  13. I liked your friends and family post, Marie, and especially loved the pictures. And then there's the recipe - YUM. I could jump through the monitor and eat it right now! People keep telling me to give up dairy for better health...but I am faithfully committed to cheese. Don't know that I can live without it. I want to try this recipe - do I need to use the US - UK conversion chart for it? Allison xo

  14. What a great post and lovely pics!!


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