Saturday 20 October 2007

Show Us Your Sarnie, the Round Up!

What a lovely bunch of entries I got for my "Show Me Your Sarnie" sandwich event. I was most impressed with all of the entries!

Julie of Tulips Kitchen graced us with not one, but two delicious looking entries!

Her first one a delicious looking Bacon and Egg Sarnie that had me drooling from the moment I saw it!

Her second entry was a delicious looking Sarnie she called a Magny-Cour Special, in honor of the French Grand prix. It’s made in a French baguette with Italian salami, brie cheese, cherry tomato and wild rocket! You sure know how to tingle our tastebuds Julie!

Next came a delicious entry from Blue Zebra of Mulligan Stew Me

What a delicious looking Chili Dog that is, and made with authentic Texas Chili as well! It's got all my Sarnie Senses tingling!

Next Jenna of Corgi Pants sent me this delicious looking sandwich photo of a sandwich she had made for a sandwich event at her work!

She calls it a "Delectable Grilled Cheese," and I would have to say that this picture proves that it truly is "Delectable" indeed!

Marye of Apron Strings was next with her delicious entry

Ham and Apricot Roll Ups
! Wow, I was drooling over it at first glance!

The lovely Tracy of Pink Purl hopped in all the way from Norway with her tantalizing entry!

A delicious "Lancaster Sarnie" composed of thin sliced pear, blue cheese and mango chutney, sandwiched between two slices of walnut bread, making for a surprising and exciting taste sensation! Way to go Tracy!

Next up Inge of Vanielje Kitchen who sent in this wonderful creation!

A lucious looking Toasted Serrano, Wigmore and Strawberry Sandwich . Inge that is one tasty looking mouthful!!!

Liz from The Baker and the Curry Maker sent us this delicious looking creation.

That certainly is "The Best Chicken Sandwich" I have seen in a very long time. I sure would love to be able to sink my teeth into one of those right now!

Kevin of Closet Cooking tempted my tastebuds with this wonderful creation

His lovely looking Croque Monsieur with Pear and Smoked Turkey proves to us once and for all that Canucks are no slouches in the kitchen!

Sarah from What Smells So Good sent us this next delicious looking entry!

What a lovely way to use up your leftover thanksgiving turkey! Thanksgiving Afters Sandwich made with her very own homemade Cranberry Wheat Bread. You amaze me Sarah!

Tiger Fish from Teczcape - An Escape To Good Food was next up with this beautiful looking entry.

Kaya sandwich toast - coconut jam and butter, a perfect pair! That looks like a very hard to resist combination Tigerfish! Mmmm..... coconut jam . . . . makes me wish I had an oriental deli close by!

Next up is Kelly from Sass and Veracity .

Her entry, a "So Cal Sarnie: Roasted Veggies & Goat's Cheese with Arugula on Ciabatta" looks almost impossible to resist!!!

Lis of La Mia Cucina almost sent me into ecstacy with her entry, but then she often does with the food porn on her page,

She calls this wonderful creation "The Chicken Griddler" and it's enough to make anyone dust off their panini grill and break out into cold sweat in anticipation!

Finally Kaykat from Cooking From A to Z sent this wonderful entry in to tease and tempt my tastebuds!

Delicious looking and very tempting Black Bean Burgers!

So there you have it, My Show Us Your Sarnie Roundup! What a lovely bunch of entries. I think I gained ten pounds just from looking at all these pictures and writing about them! If there isn't something there to tickle your tastebuds there's something wrong with you!

Now, don't forget to register your vote for your favourite in the comments section of this post. Remember there are three great prizes up for grabs!!! Don't despair if you haven't gotten your entry in just yet. You do have until midnight tonight. I can always add your entry in the morning! Let the voting begin!


  1. OMG have just stumbled across this and am now feeling very hungry. they all look so delicious, I think my fav is with the strawberries

  2. Marye, what a great roundup, and so many fabulously diverse recipes. We don't do thanksgiving but I feel tempted just to try the turkey and pear Croque Monsieur, or the cranberry wholewheat bread. A really good theme for an event. thankyou

  3. After much deliberation - I have taken this voting very seriously you know, my vote goes to Closet Cooking with the crouque monsieur with pear and smoked turkey sandwich. It combines all my favourite things, fruit with meat mmmm, cheese and a dash of mustard, bliss. I may well be making this tomorrow for lunch.

  4. What talented and creative foodies there are out there. I am impressed with the lineup you have this month!! It is a tough decision, because I would gladly have any of these "sarnies". But my vote goes to Kelly for her "Roasted Veggies & Goat Cheese with Arugula on Ciabatta"....she tempted me with the goat cheese!!!!

  5. My vote would be for the Thanksgiving Afters sarnie... mmmmmm, going to have to try that after our Thanksgiving in November.

    -Becky in southern California

  6. I'm going to have to go with Tracy (Pink Purl)/s Lancaster Sarnie! I LOVE blue cheese and mmmmm, a grilled cheese with fruit and jam is my ultimate sandwich!

  7. 2 votes here! Both for Julie's 2 entries. Keith wants the bacon and egg butty. I fancy the Magny-Cour so a vote there for each. Keith, not being much for foreign languages, said "Fancy calling a sandwich a Mangey Cur" (his pronunciation not mine!

  8. I want every single one of these - now -- I shouldn't have read this just before going home for dinner!

    Lancaster Sarnie looks particularly delectable, though--I'd at least start with that one!

  9. This is making me very hungry.

  10. Being a non-meat eater, I was so happy to see some meat-free entries here! (Although, the cook in me apprciates all the entries here, I just can't eat them all :o) Such fun to see so many great sarnies here...My vote goes for Kelly's So Cal Sarnie. Those grilled veggies and goat's cheese on crusty breads is calling me! Can't wait for winner's day! ((HUGS))

  11. I'd happily eat all of these sandwiches but The Thanksgiving After Sandwich looks really good.

  12. I would love to try all of these. What a creative lot! My tastebuds go to Lis and her Chicken Griddler. And I'll blame it on the cheese porn. Goodness...

  13. I would like to vote for Liz's chicken sandwiches, they look like real english sandwiches and I'm sure they're delicious.

  14. I missed it!!!! ARGH!

    Well anyway.. what a fantabulous round-up Marie! Everyone's sammies look delish =)



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