Saturday, 14 December 2013

Saturday meanderings . . .

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Mitzie is like me.  She just loves Christmas. She was most interested in the putting up of the tree this year and has investigated each new ornmanent  at the bottom of the tree  with her tail wagging approval.  All of my gift wrapping has likewise been aided and approved by her,  Her soft velvet nose has almost been tied into the ribbons on each one.  And she almost went nuts when the new tree skirt arrived yesterday and I was trying to place it beneath the tree.  I should have known better than to get one with a stuffed Santa adornment . . . she sees it as a new squeaky toy (even though it doesn't squeak), and I have had to chase her away from it on numerous occasions.  She thinks its a game I fear.

Every card that drops through the letter box gets her stamp of approval as well.  She greets each one with her wagging tail and a velvet sniff before it gets hung up on the string which Todd has placed across the lounge window to hold them.  She appears to enjoy hearing from our friends as well, and that is just as well as each card mentions her on it also.   She is a part of our family not only to us it seems, but also to our much beloved friends.

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She's also enjoyed accompanying us on our shopping trips as well, and I like to think it's not just for the cheese string she gets at the end of it.   She keeps Todd company in the car while I march up and down the aisles picking up this and picking up that.  Dogs are good company and she is one of the best . . . happy to say her cough is all gone now, thank goodness and walks are once again the order of the day.   She loves to go in the car, which is nice.  Jess always hated it and it was very difficult to get her in.   Mitzie runs out the door and stands next to the car, tail wagging in antipation of the treat to come.   She does whine a bit if she is unfamiliar with where we are going.  (Interestingly enough she remembers if we have been somewhere with her before or not)  All told though she is not a bad car companion at all.

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She's been in attendance at all of my Christmas baking sessions as well.   Those liquid brown eyes and that wet black nose follow my every move as I roll and prick and slide things in and out of the oven.    The best bit for her though I think is the cookies cooling on the racks on the table.   She sniffs the air with great attention, once again her tail wagging in anticipation.    Yes, I am a bad mommy . . . I do give her the occasional treat from the table, but I do take care that it is nothing that would hurt her.   Yesterday she started eye balling the nuts on the coffee table and they were quickly put up out of reach . . . just in case.

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She has also approved of most of our Christmas Television viewing . . .  she likes the older films too, and like me, abhors old Cowboy movies.  If a vote was taken, Todd would sadly lose out.  (It's my story so I can say what I like, lol)  Actually I don't think she cares what we watch just so long as she is allowed to sit between us.  Not on one side or the other, between.  End of.

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Oh what would our lives be without her in them . . . quite empty I think.

 Must dash, she has decided it's time for her breakfast and there's nothing but to give it to her now, or she will mither me until I do.  ☺

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♪ ♫ I'll be home for Christmas...♪ ♫
You can count on me...
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents under the tree...
♪ ♫ 

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Cooking in The English Kitchen today . . . Christmas Chutney!  Wouldn't be Christmas without it!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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