Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Winter activities . . .

The Winter is the best time to organize your house in terms of what you use most often, and where it should be kept.  I know I could really use some help in that area, especially in the kitchen.  Over the past few years I have been given so many lovely things to test out and use, and I am not complaining about that . . . but finding a place to put it all in my tiny kitchen is sometimes an exercise in total frustration!

I want to use these things . . . and I know that if I tuck them away in a cupboard somewhere upstairs, they'll probably never get used and then . . . what is the point in having them at all . . . I'm sure you can see my dilemma.   Combine that with the fact that I am not a very organized person to begin with and you can just imagine how frustrating I can be to Todd, who is a total and utter neat-nic!!

I look at things that I never pick up except to dust beneath them . . . and I wonder what is the point?  But then, in the next breath, I realize I could never begin to bear to part with them . . .  they do get used occasionally, and I do love them so.  These are things like my salt and pepper collection and my cups and saucers . . . sugar and creamer sets . . . props for food photography, etc.

The problem is they are somewhat like old beloved friends, and I do so love to visit old friends from time to time.

I am also a very easily distracted person.  I  cannot begin to tell you the number of times I start out to organize a cupboard and I happen upon something which I haven't seen in a long time and then my brain is off on a flight of fancy and next thing I know . . . my original purpose has been completely forgotten . . . entirely and I am in another room doing something else altogether.

The sign of a creative mind???   I don't know!   The only thing I know for sure about that is . . . it drives Todd crazy.   ☺

I try to apply the two year rule to most things.   I ask myself . . . "Have you used this in two years?"   Todd asks me . . . "Have you used this in two years?"

"No," will be my feeble answer . . . "but . . . I think it might come in handy for this or . . . . for that . . . some day . . . "

He does manage to convince me however, that saving empty toilet rolls and kitchen towel rolls for the Children's Sunday School is not really necessary . . . and I manage to be able to part with those.   I also like to collect small boxes that I think may come in handy for posting things to Canada and the like, and . . . whilst that makes total sense to me, tis not that often that I do such a thing, and so it's a rather stupid thing to collect . . . likewise plastic Ferraro Rocher boxes, which are really very handy things to have around, and I despair that if I do throw them all away, I will soon be wishing I hadn't because the perfect purpose in having them is sure to occur any day now!

I have stacks of Christmas Cards in a box up in the spare bedroom that should really be gone though and discarded . . . but, then again . . . they can come in so very handy when you need to make some crafts . . . things like gift tags and I have seen the cutest tree ornaments made out of cut up Christmas Cards . . . besides when I try to go through them, I get distracted by thinking about the people that have sent them and the happy memories I have of times spent with each one.

The one thing that I have which drives Todd the craziest is . . . cooking magazines.   I do collect them, with every intention of clipping out the recipes from each that I totally want to try making one day . . . truly I do.  My motives are pure, but . . . I do so hate to disfigure anything and I do wince occasionally when I try to tear out the pages.  I am always amazed however when what was a huge stack of magazines is reduced to a very small pile of torn out recipes . . . then begins the quandary of where to put the torn out pages, and I am always going to get myself a filing cabinet . . . someday.

I think the problem is that most of my childhood and adulthood was lived as the daughter/spouse of a military man, somewhat like a turtle carrying it's house on it's back and so nothing was kept much during those years for sentimental value or for any other value . . . having to pack things up and cart them around with you every few years is not conducive to collecting anything.   My whole life I have longed to have roots which I could sink down deep into the soil of wherever it was that I was, and stay a while, and perhaps there is something deep in my psyche  which whispers to my soul . . . that I must keep this or I must keep that.   It's kind of hard to explain, but . . . there are no family treasures, no legacy and I have this yearning to create one.

Even if it is only a messy pile of torn out recipes, or a box of old Christmas Cards . . . or . . . dare I say it . . . a medium sized cardboard box filled with small plastic chocolate boxes and the like . . . the pretty cover of a bar of soap that I fell in love with . . . ribbons and bells taken collected from Lindt Chocolate Easter Bunnies . . .  and then there are the red gingham bows from the Pip Studio sheets and pillow slips . . . and the golden yellow ones from other sheet packets . . . and . . . bad me, the black ribbons from years of Jo Malone perfumes, which absolutely will come in handy when I begin to make Amish Dolls again . . . some day.

Source: via Ana on Pinterest

I begin to understand the meaning of one man's junk being another man's treasure . . . and I am reminded of this woman back in the town my mother lives in.   She is rather old and rather large and she drives around in an old car which is stacked to the roof with old newspapers and magazines and quite an oddity and the minute I remember her, it is somehow not all that hard to throw out anything, because . . .

I don't want to end up like that.

So there.

We were driving home from our service project yesterday and noticing that the price of petrol has now climbed to . . . horror of all horrors . . . £1.39.9 pence a litre.   Who'd a thunk that.   That's like £5.59.9 pence a gallon or roughly . . . $8.63 a gallon.  (American)  It's completely mind boggling and what boggles the mind further is this .9 of a pence.  What the heck is that???   When was the last time you bought petrol and had it come to say . . . £30.25.9 pence??   It never does.  I told Todd I want to take the  little plastic reserve can in and buy one litre exactly of petrol and hand them £1.40 and demand my .00.1 of a pence change.  It would never happen would it, because such a price doesn't exist!   Why don't they just call a spade a spade and charge £1.40 a litre.

Rant over . . .

Yesterday's silver lining . . . doing a kindness for another person with a group of like minded people and seeing the difference that it makes.   You can't beat that feeling.

A thought to carry with you through today . . .

"Down in their hearts, wise men know this truth; the only way to help yourself is to help others."
~Elbert Hubbard

 photo SAM_4947_zpsdc0492a7.jpg

Baking in The English Kitchen today . . . Berry & Brie Turnovers.   Oh my . . . oh my . . . something else I need to work on. 

PS - I think the reason I love Pinterest so much is . . . I can collect things without them taking up any space in my house or me having to dust them or listen to Todd moan about them.  ☺


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