Saturday, 16 February 2013

Poetry Saturday . . . The Button Bag

Source: via Marie on Pinterest

 What a gay host of memories
That faded button bag contains,
Leading me back across the years,
Down stony roads and quiet lanes
Making me see as plain as day,
The gentle folk of yesterday.

Here is a button of fine jet,
My grandma had it on a basque,
I see her in her corded silk,
Her face as rigid as a mask,
Waving her fan serene and sweet,
In the old church on Maple Street.

Source: via Marie on Pinterest

This one was on my brother's coat,
And I can see the little boy
That he once was . . . his chubby face,
And eyes that sparkled from sheer joy,
Driving his dog on a red sleigh,
Coming in rosy from his play.

This pink one with the little bows,
Was on a waist my mother had,
And I can see her plain as plain,
Smiling across the room at Dad,
Her cheeks as rosy as the gown,
And her dear eyes of shiny brown.

Source: via Marie on Pinterest

So the old faded button bag,
Is magic in a world of woe,
Giving me glimpses clear and bright,
Of that safe world of long ago,
When love was there serene and warm,
To shelter us from wind and storm.
~Edna Jacques

Two things I love here this morning . . . the poetry of Edna Jacques and Buttons.   Oh how delightful!   Did you have a button jar in your home when you were a little girl?   We did . . . well actually we had several old grey tins filled with buttons that were in my mother's sewing box.   I have one still and I cherish it.  It still has the same buttons in it that were in there long ago, the same . . . untouched as always.

Oh, the hours I spent with those button tins when I was a girl . . . and I would dream of what they used to be on, and who might have worn what they were on.   Dipping my fingers into that tin felt like what I imagined a Pirate would feel dipping his fingers into a trunk of glittering lucre and treasure.   Oh the imaginings of my little girls' heart were so wonderful.   I have several button tins now . . . and I love all of the buttons in them.   I almost cannot bear to part with any of them.   I can spend hours in sewing stores and craft stores looking at . . . buttons!   I still cannot resist picking up a card of ones that catch my eye and bringing them home with me, and every time I find one that I like . . . it's like finding something wonderfully special, just for me!

 photo copyright-1_zpsc5a1fbff.jpg

My friend Monique inspired me yesterday to come up with some Cupcake Toppers and so I created these three little ones for Easter Cupcakes, but I see lots of possibility with these types of things.   Thank you so much Monique!  What a gift you gave to me!  Monique has a beautiful blog, La Table De Nana.   You should go and check it out.   It is a feast for the eyes and the soul and the tummy!   This blogging world is just filled with amazing people don't you think?   Me too . . . I have met some of the loveliest people this way.

Yesterday's Silver Lining . . . the love and help of a friend who believes more in me than I believe in myself.  You know who you are, and I thank you for all that you are to me and more.

A thought to carry with you through the day . . .

"Art is not what YOU see . . . it's what you make OTHERS see."
~Edgar Dagas

Are we not all artists?

 photo SAM_4712_zps186619b0.jpg 

Baking in The English Kitchen today . . . Blueberry Pecan Bars!

Enjoy your Saturday!


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