Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunday meanderings . . .

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I was reading something the other day and came across an article which was describing the culture of African Bushmen. I have always found other cultures fascinating and they were every bit as fascinating as any other I have read about. You can learn a lot about a people by reading about their ways. For instance, and I thought this was fabulous . . . when an African Bushman notices a brother or sister of his tribe coming out of the brush he greets them with the words, "I See You!" The response from the arrival would be. "I am here!"  

 When I read that I thought to myself . . . how very wonderful!  How absolutely profound!  In a world that increasingly becomes crazier and crazier, where one can quite quickly lose their identity, and become as nothing . . . how very affirming such a greeting seems.  For with this simple and direct affirmation, it is possible to secure one's own presence . . . in effect to say . . . I AM HERE.

I AM HERE . . . I AM HERE . . . I AM HERE . . .

And I matter.

There are of course people in all of our lives who validate our presence by seeing us regularly . . . they are people who have helped to shape the foundations of our self worth . . . Grandparents, Parents . . . siblings, extended family if you are lucky enough to have some . . . close friends.  When I think back on my life, other than my mother and father, the one person who first rejoiced at my presence would have been my maternal Grandmother.   I was a difficult baby, crying a lot . . . and so I was taken to stay with her for a time as my mother just couldn't cope with me.  From her I received unconditional love and feelings about myself that have helped to shape the bedrock of my self worth . . . and so it has gone all through the years of my life, with different people at different times all taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate my presence . . . affirming that I am here and that I matter.

That's all anyone really wants I think . . . to be seen and to matter . . . to be loved for just who, what and where they are in their lives.  To have their presence rejoiced, and maybe even celebrated in small and simple ways.   I don't mean in the "paparazzi stalking" way . . . but simply in the "YOU count" way . . .

In a culture which erases it's humanity and celebrates celebrity, beauty, money and success . . . which plays down and ignores anything else . . .  proclaiming them as being trivial and un-important . . . we so very much need to be seen and to be quite simply acknowledged, to have our presence noted . . . to know that someone cares.   WE are not invisible.  WE count.  WE are loved.  WE matter.  And by that I mean . . . everyone.

“When we treat people merely as they are, they will remain as they are. When we treat them as if they were what they should be, they will become what they should be. ” 
~Thomas S Monson

I am still carrying with me the vestiges of this awful cold.  Still blowing my nose . . . still carrying a tightness in my chest that no amount of coughing seems to erase.   I am praying that it soon goes off because I won't be able to travel until it does . . . it also very energy sapping, although I did get another illustration done yesterday for the Children's book I am working on.

I want to have them all done before I go away.  Can you see . . . the cat has placed his boots by the fire to dry and they are both having a nap . . . spectacles in hand . . .

It's so much fun.  I am loving it.  Each time I put my brush to the paper though I am afraid I will mess it up.  I just keep my fingers crossed the whole time.  Perhaps if I had gone to art school I wouldn't be so afraid . . . I'd probably actually know what I was doing, but I'm pretty much flying by the seat of my pants here, which is a tiny bit scary.

We were going to go with friends to see The Hobbit last night, but Todd came over all tremblingly and so we didn't.   I hope he is feeling better this morning, and not coming down with something.   We tucked ourselves into bed quite early and hopefully he got a good night's rest and it back to scratch this morning.

Shall I leave you with a thought to carry through your day?    I think so . . .

“The happy life is not ushered in at any age to the sounds of drums and trumpets. It grows upon us year by year, little by little, until at last we recognize that we have it. It is achieved … by a body of work done so well that we can lift our heads with assurance and look the world in the eye.” 
~Thomas S. Monson

Baking in The English Kitchen today . . . Chocolate Orange Chip Cookies.    Dangerously delicious.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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