Monday, 30 July 2012

It IS enough . . .

"If you can't see what you're looking for . . . see what's there."

We, each of us . . . have dreams we are working towards fulfulling in our lives . . . as well as having experienced failure, or even things which have greatly disappointed us. Sometimes we can let our failures and disappointments overwhelm us to the point where that is all we can see in our lives . . . forgetting that beneath that layer of failure and disappointment lays simple and true abundance . . . that all we ever truly need lies before us, around us and within us. We can have a tendancy at times to focus on all that is negative in our lives . . . instead of seeing the joy that is well within our grasp . . .

Just like the trees, bereft of their leaves . . . lie in wait for the Spring which they know is coming, there is something as great and constant as the Earth, which cradles us and points us ever so gently towards the light. Our task . . . despite any pain or sorrow we may feel at the present . . . is to stay rooted and patient like the trees, knowing that Spring, however late it may feel . . . will arrive . . . that there is colour amidst all that seems black . . .

I am reminded of my life, just two and a half years ago now . . . when all that I had surrounded myself with began to tumble down around me. When we lost the security of our job and with it our home . . . when we lost our beloved Jess . . . when the very ground beneath us seemed to be shifting and shaking, and we seemed to have nothing but desperation to cling to . . .

We had a very difficult time seeing God amidst all that we had lost, and all the insurmountable difficulties that lay before us, and the uncertainty of it all rocked us to the very core . . . and yet, from some unknown place inside ourselves, we were able to find the ever constant joy in knowing that, whilst we could not see Him, and maybe even not feel His presence . . .


Source: via Marie on Pinterest

God has never promised us that our lives will be easy . . . instead it often seems to be the opposite of that . . . but . . . what He has promised us though, is that He can help it to be more bearable, and help us to carry our load, and that if we live in a way that is pleasing to Him . . . He will and can show us the way to go, and give us the strength that we need to move forward.

That is the one great lesson I learned and was able to draw from amidst all of that pain and turmoil, and yes . . . uncertainty. This was our one great constant, and it underpinned anything else that was going on at the time. That one great hope, which kept us putting one foot in front of the other when that is all we were capable of doing.

Sometimes that is all we can do . . . and it takes all that we have to be able to do it . . . and our steps might seem very small, and faltering. And we may not even be able to see that we are moving forward . . . or that every step we take forward is a step closer to the light.

In truth . . . the light never truly leaves us. It is a constant which lies around, beneath and within us. It may be clouded from time to time by circumstance and experience, but is always with us. Our choice is to, if we can manage it . . . root ourselves beneath our dreams and disappointments, to that one great constant that never changes, but which allows us and helps us to become all that we can become, and which helps to make what we have, and what we know . . . and who we are be . . . enough.

“Love is like the North Star. In a changing world, it's always constant.”
~Gordon B Hinckley

And as we all know, or should know . . . God is love.

Just my thoughts this morning . . .

Cooking in The English Kitchen this morning . . . Gingered Pear and Raspberry Pandowdy!

and in The Big Blue Binder . . . Mom's Potato Salad.

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