Friday, 27 July 2012

A Joyful Song . . .

Bird . . .
how free of care you are . . .
with happy note and soaring wings!
Do you know nothing of this world
with all its sad and evil things??

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Nothing. God created me
and put me here
for this one thing . . .
to fill the air with rhapsody,
my commandment
is to sing . . .

Source: via Yvonne on Pinterest

And so the Lord's work
I perform.
My daily song of joy I raise.
For this He brought me
from the nest . . .
to sing His glory,
and His praise.
~Patience Strong

Do you sing the song you were sent here to sing?
Will you sing your song today?
Food for thought . . .

I am off to the Youth Camp early this morning to cook for the day so this is short, but hopefully sweet, this morning. By the end of the day I probably won't want to peel another potato for a very long time! haha At least they've had good weather for the camp!

Looking forward to the Opening Ceremonies tonight in London. I am sure they'll be fab. That is one thing the British do very well . . . Pageantry!

Have a wonderful day . . . and sing a joyful song!

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