Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday ponderings . . .

I love this time of year. The sun is already up when I awake in the morning,  and it's still light out when I go to bed at night . . . and I am an early to bed, early riser too!  I'm always up about 5 am and in bed by 9:30 most nights.

Last night as I lay in bed I could hear the birds chattering in the hedgerow which runs along our back garden.  It was like they were calling their children in . . . telling them it was time to come in and get ready for bed . . . come in now . . . come in now . . . time to settle down.  It is such a comforting sound . . .

It reminded me of my childhood.  I have a particularly vivid memory of a spring evening when I was a child.  I could not have been more than five or six years old.  I know that for sure because we were living in the two bedroom house that my parents first had when we moved out West to Gimli, Manitoba.  We lived in that house for two years before we were moved into a three bedroom house and I was seven when that happened. (My father was in the airforce.)

On this one particular evening my parents had gone out for the evening and we had a babysitter.  I remember I was wearing my button baby doll shortie pajamas.  I called them that because the fabric that they were made of had colourful buttons printed all over them.  They were teal green and turquoise and pink and I can see them in my mind as clearly as if it were just yesterday.

I remember hearing the sounds of other children still at play outdoors.  Our inside front door was open.  We had two front and back doors.  An inside one and an outside one.  The outside ones were fitted with glass windows in the winter and when spring came, the glass windows were removed and replaced by screen windows.  I remember going over to the front door and stretching up as far as I could on my tippie toes to see out the screen window . . .

Source: via Shelley on Pinterest

I could just barely manage to reach up enough to be able to see out of the screen window.  I can remember standing there, raised up on tippie toes . . . my nose pressed against the screen as I watched what I felt I was missing outside.  I can still smell that familiar metallic smell of the window screen against my hose . . . and see the golden sky as the sun was lowering down against the horizon, coming on to dush.  I can still hear the children's laughter and voices . . . and I can still remember how I felt . . . a feeling of tender longing . . . wanting to be out there and having fun along with them . . . as if life was passing me by . . .

It's a funny thing is the memory . . . how a sight or a sound . . . or a smell can trigger it, and you can find yourself instantly transported to another time and place.  So it was last evening as I lay in bed listening to the birds call out their goodnight messages to each other . . . for a few moments I was five years old again . . . and that was a pretty wonderful feeling.

When the house is quiet with the coming of night . . . 
wrapped about in rosy veils of softly fading light.
The Bird of Dreams on silent wings comes to my windowsill.
The clock chimes out the sunset hour, but Time itself stands still.
Years are moments.
In a flash I live the past again.
I hear a voice, I see a face.
I feel the joy and pain, as if it were but yesterday.
What is this magic power . . .
that calls up ghosts out of the shadows of the evening hour?
I light the lamp, and in the dazzle of the sudden glare . . .
the vision goes.
I look around, and there is noone there.
But through the window in the dark,
Beyond the lamp's bright ray . . . 
I see the Bird of Dreams spread out it's wings
and fly away . . . 
~Patience Strong, The Bird of Dreams

Mitzie looks so lovely this morning, all puffed and fluffed and trimmed to the hilt.  She always looks like a completely different dog after she has been groomed.  She's ever so good in the car.  Our Jess always hated going in the car . . . but Mitzie loves it.  She sits in the back and gazes out the window as the world flashes by.  That's on the journey to the groomers . . . on the journey back she lays flopped down in exhaustion on the back seat.

I think it's a very stressful time for her . . . this grooming business.  She hates even to be brushed, although I force her to let me brush her ears and feathered bits every day.  I can only imagine how very much she hates the total grooming experience . . . especially the ear plucking.  Spaniels are prone to ear infection because of their long floppy ears . . . and so they pluck the hair out of them in order to allow more air to get in and cut down on the chance of infection.  It all sounds pretty painful to me . . . but then again, having experienced many ear infections in my lifetime I would say it's the lesser of two evils!

We always go to the Garden Centre to browse around while we are waiting for her to be done.  It's too far and a waste of petrol to drive back home again.  There's a lovely one just down the road from the groomers, called Gordale.  I just love browsing through it.  There's more than just garden stuff, although to be sure there's plenty of that!  They have the loveliest greeting card/book/gift section!!  I could spend hours in it.  Todd grits his teeth the whole time . . . thinking about what I might spend!  haha, poor man.  Yesterday we got a grow bag and some tomato plants.  Nothing too serious really . . . it could have been so much worse! ☺☺☺

I'm off to my Step program this morning.  Hopeful that I have lost some weight yet again!  Wish me luck.  I am hoping to be able to catch up on some blog reading today as well.  I am ever so much behind!  I hope you all will forgive me for my lenient ways!  My time has just gotten away from me this week.

Shall I leave you with a thought?  Why not . . .

“You can't plow a field simply by turning it over in your mind.”
~Gordon B Hinckley

Cooking in The English Kitchen today . . . delicious Open Faced Asparagus Melts.  Delicious!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!!


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